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Email marketing is the quickest, most powerful and cost effective sales tool you have at your disposal. We are very rapidly leaning towards a more paperless environment and email marketing falls into the ambit of this global thinking.

Essentially there are only three ways to increase sales:

  1. Increase the number of clients
  2. Increase the purchase (spend) of each client
  3. Increase the number of purchases per client

How does the Internet and Email help you to achieve this?

  1. It is a 24-hour “shop front” with no additional overheads
  2. It is used, in addition, for existing marketing and advertising strategies
  3. It is a tool to expose the potential client to much more information that could have been gleaned from any other media form
  4. It is quick
  5. It is very personal
  6. It is a platform for national and global marketing

Our software solutions provide the ultimate in reliability and accountability never before seen in electronic marketing campaigns. These easy-to-deploy and easy-to-administer systems deliver exceptional value and performance for all campaigns no matter the volume of messages delivered.


We are able to completely manage all aspects of your campaign from the concept and design of your message right through to the delivery and reporting of the success of your message. We provide complete Turnkey solutions to the largest and smallest businesses all the while maintaining the personal touch and accountability to our clients.

e.speak have implemented the following infrastructure and procedures, which form the backbone of the support, offered by e.speak:
Our technical staff have attended official training courses to ensure that they are able to properly configure and support all aspects of our electronic marketing campaigns. In addition separate product specialists have been appointed to deal with in depth problems;
e.speak has implemented a service desk, dedicated email address and telephone number where all client issues are logged, ensuring that problems are attended to timeously. The service desk enables e.speak staff to keep a full record of all problems experienced;
Our infrastructure, network capabilities and internet facilities are designed and maintained in order to provide our clients with the required uptime ensuring that images and emails are viewed properly every time. In doing so, we establish a credibility for our clients with their target audience, thus ensuring further continued support for their products.