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e.speak is a specialist electronic marketing firm and our creative input into established campaigns has been well received by some of the largest media firms in the country.

In fact, we have revolutionised the way our clients communicate with their established clientele and have changed the way they reach new customers, bringing greater accountability and more accurate reporting to campaigns, thus ensuring that our clients budgets are utilised more effectively than ever before.

Our Database comprises of potential customers fitting into the LSM 7,8,9 & 10 brackets, ensuring that our clients’ message reaches a suitable captive audience.

In addition to normal emailing campaigns, e.speak are also able to offer our clients an sms solution as well as other innovative methods of getting the message across.


We are able to constantly monitor the progress of our campaigns and provide our clients with in-depth up-to-date and real time information as to how the campaign is progressing.

We continuously identify and implement the correct solutions to ensure a successful conclusion to our clients’ campaigns, in fact, going so far as to live and breathe our clients’ message.

The range of products and options offered by e.speak can be seen to be the best of breed, and we provide our clients with the assurance that companies can confidently and safely pursue all electronic marketing options with a firm they can trust.

We number amongst our clients some of the largest media firms in the country and are currently in the midst of electronic campaigns for Primedia Ltd, Primedia@home and Mnet. We have also completed work for other large firms such as Dial Direct and Intec.